My First Screenplay written in 2000

Posted March 26th, 2020 by daydreemer with No Comments

Being stuck at home in self isolation at the moment it has been a great time for me to go through my old files and go back to when I started to write consistently.

I found the very first screenplay I ever wrote. It’s about the time my a wife told me tells her husband that she is pregnant and how selfish he thinks she is being. Where do we get these fictional story ideas from!

I didn’t have any Screenwriting software back then so I had to research what a screenplay looked like and then match the formatting.

After working all that out as best I could I had to do the writing in Adobe InDesign because that’s what I was using at the time for my graphic design job. I even added an illustration to the Title page!

If you want to read it it’s only 5 pages long (plus title page).

Click here for the PDF version.

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