A Handy iPad Application for the DIY Handyman

Its Time to get things done!

A new utility application to help the home handyman save time and money managing DIY projects. As soon as the animated Roller Door opens, everything you need is all there in a simple to use, professionally designed application.

METRIC or IMPERIAL .... Set it once to your preference.

CONVERT .... measurements from Metric to Imperial (or vica versa).

CALCULATE .... material volumes and prices for your DIY projects.

THINGS TO DO .... create, save and email notes, to remind, and help manage your jobs. Or create lists of Tools and Materials that need to be bought the next time you are at the hardware store.

DIY Toolbox Demo

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DIY Toolbox Screenshots
The Features
user interface design
Easy to Use

Simple to use application, with a professionally designed user interface.

metric or imperial
Metric or Imperial

Unit of measurement setting - Set your app to
Metric or Imperial - Only needs to be set once.

convert utility
Convert Utility

Use this to convert measurements form Feet to Metres, Inches to Millimetres and Yards to Feet.

paint calculator
Paint Calculator

Work out the quantity of paint required for your walls,
and for your ceilings. Makes an allowance to deduct the number of windows and doors from the final calculation.

wallpaper calculator
Wallpaper Calculator

Calculate the number of rolls required to complete up to
4 rooms at a time. Also makes an allowance to deduct the number of windows and doors from the final calculation.

flooring calculator
Flooring Calculator

Work out the area of flooring required for up to 9 rooms
at once.

gravel calculator
Gravel Calculator

Calculates the required volume in Cubic Volume and Tonnes (Tons), with an optional quantity Price area for
final costings.

concrete calculator
Concrete Calculator (Truck)

Calculates the required volume, and price for your larger concrete requirements.

concrete calculator bags
Concrete Calculator (Bags)

Calculates the required amount of pre-mixed bags of concrete, and also the overall price.

concrete calculator hand mix
Concrete Calculator (Hand Mix)

Calculates the required amount of Cement Bags, Sand
and Gravel needed to mix your own concrete, using a
mix ratio of 1:2:4.

Things to do notes
Things To Do Notes

Create, save and email your list of things that need doing around the house, or buying at the hardware store.

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