Office workers who take half a donut – “The Halvers”

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Strange subject I know, but the title is in regards to a twitter post that was started by author Ben Wallace, a few months ago (sometime in November I think).

The reason I’m mentioning it now is that I am reading his latest book: “Giving the Bird: The indie author’s guide to Twitter”, and in one chapter it mentions some of the funny / silly / crazy gimmicks he uses, that his followers truly enjoy getting involved in, including me!

Here is a short sample from that chapter:

“… I go off and complain about something. It’s a flat out rant. BUT, it is all done in fun and I never attack anyone personally. For example, past #5minh8s have focused on cats, the new speed of guilt, office workers who take half a donut, running and other mundane everyday things that bother everybody. They are designed to be funny, not actual whining. And everybody likes to play.”

The reason I mention this actual passage is because not only did I get involved in the Twitter conversation, I actually started writing a rhyme (back then) about “The Halvers”. I forgot all about it till now. It was never finished, and I’m sure I started writing this only to avoid whatever work I was supposed to be doing at the time.

Here is how “The Halvers” started:

There is a group of people that should really be ashamed.
A group that makes all other people cringe and then complain.
“This isn’t how you do it.. it’s not normal what you do!”
Society can’t handle them, these selfish thoughtless few.

They think of no-one but themselves, and then just take a bite
of something big and tasty, and pretend that its alright

There you go. An example of how quickly the imagination can work when its trying to get out of actual work.

Maybe Ben ( @BenMWallace ) or one of his followers can finish this off one day. Hint hint.

Also, definately get his book “Giving the Bird: The indie author’s guide to Twitter”, if you want a simple to understand, no nonsense way of improving your twittering. (now I have to go and change my Twitter profile, because his book explained why I should)

Click here to go to the book on Amazon.

A short rhyme about writing

Posted November 7th, 2011 by daydreemer with No Comments

Just sitting here all on my own, I think I’ll write a book.
Have no idea on how to start, I need to take a look,
at other stories in the store, to get some inspiration.
It can’t be hard to write the biggest seller in the nation.

I wrote this while I was waiting for my daughter to finish an art workshop she was invited to through her school. I couldn’t think of anything to write about, so I just kept sitting there, all my own thinking about writing something, not realizing that I was actually living the beginning of a short rhyme.

Soon after I read Steve Hely’s book “How I Became A Famous Novelist” which has the same underlying message: how hard can it be…. its just writing after all!

Writing a Kids Picture Book is quite hard

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Just thinking…

Writing a Kids Picture Book is quite hard, because when you use less words to tell a story, you have to spend a lot more time making sure the words you use, are the “right” words to use.

Also, I wish I could draw.

Daydreemin – New Logo Design?

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I am considering using a new daydreemin logo design for this site.

I’m not so sure about changing now, as I was when I started the process for the new one.

All feedback is appreciated.

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Bat Bot Boy – work in progress

Posted October 25th, 2011 by daydreemer with 1 Comment

Here are a few sample lines from a work in progress story called “Bat Bot Boy”.

Also included is a couple of concept designs by the incredibly talented art director Deane Taylor.


I have no chance to once again,
be normal at the age of ten.
Like other kids who spend their day,
with games and toys and blissful play.

For I can’t do the simplest things.
I’m stuck now with these stupid wings

What am I now, I’m half a boy.
I’m no ones son, some life size toy.

Have I become a kid gone wild.
Some freaky superhero child.
Who hides by day, comes out at night,
to help the weak, and fight for right


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