Another Super Hero Poem – The Procrastinator

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What can I say… stuff just pops into my head.


I know that you’re in trouble and you need some help right now.
But I’m feeling kind of tired and I need to just just lie down.

Only for a minute, maybe two or maybe more.
I won’t be long I promise, then I’ll smash right through that door.

I’ll stop the bad guy in his tracks, he’ll never know what hit him.
And If he tries to run or fight, I’ll tear him limb from limb.

You see…
I need my rest to be my best and get into the zone.
Unless of course I fall asleep…. And then you’re on your own.

Super Hero Poem

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Sometimes things just pop into your head and you need to write them down.


Fighting crime is not that hard
when you are made of steel.
But when you need a powerpoint
that is quite an ordeal.

You need some electricity,
and have a real long cord.
Plus the bad guys need to stand quite close
to get their just reward.

Fantastic 2D Animation – Music Video

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I just re-watched the latest 2D Animated Music Video for Australian band, the Audreys latest single “Sometimes the Stars”. This has to be one of the best examples of what is possible with 2D animation.

The video was produced in Australia by Luke Jurevicius, and Directed by Ari Gibson and Jason Pamment. Its inspiring to see such a high production, and creative quality in 2D animation. The potential for great work exists when handled by talented and experienced artists, and there is no need to run to the latest trend of 3D.

Judge for yourself. Here are the links to all the info you need on this clip:

Click here to watch the video on youtube.

Click here to go to Ari Gibson’s write up on his experience creating the video.

Great Scene about Writing a Script

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This is a fantastic scene from Get Shorty where Laurence Fishburne explains to John Travolta how easy it is to write a movie script. I have a funny feeling that anyone who hasn’t tried to write one, probably has similar thoughts.

After all as as BO CATLETT says: “You have an idea, you write down what you wanna say.” EASY AS THAT!

BO CATLETT: You know what I’m thinkin’? (leans forward) You wanna make the girl older. I don’t like the ending. We could do that, you and me, sit down and write the script over where it needs it.

Chili flips through the script a moment . . .

CHILI: You know how to write one of these?

BO CATLETT: There’s nothin’ to know. You have an idea, you write down what you wanna say. Then you get somebody to add in the commas and shit where they belong, if you aren’t positive yourself. Maybe fix up the spelling where you have some tricky words . . . although I’ve seen scripts where I know words weren’t spelled right and there was hardly any commas in it at all. So I don’t think it’s too important. Anyway, you come to the last page you write in ‘Fade out’ and that’s the end, you’re done.

CHILI: That’s all there is to it, huh?

BO CATLETT: That’s all.

Chili sits forward, stabs out his cigarette, exhales into Bo Catlett’s face . . .

CHILI: Then what do I need you for?

Common Sense Quotes on Getting Started

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Here are few quotes from well known writers that all pretty much say the same thing. If you want to write… just start writing.

“Its better to write a bad first draft, than to write no first draft at all.
Will Shetterly

“You have to be brave to take out that white sheet of paper and put on it words that could be evidence of your stupidity.
Sol Saks

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”
Stephen King

“I’m not a very good writer, but I’m an excellent rewriter.”
James Michener

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”
Louis L’Amour

“The wastebasket is a writer’s best friend.
Isaac Bashevis Singer

So what are you waiting for… start writing!

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