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Posted:  June 3rd, 2012 by:  daydreemer comments:  0

Writing stories, and working on developing a couple of them into interactive book projects, is a great way for me to be spending my time. However, at the moment, it’s not helping when it comes to paying the bills, so it’s time to get back into what I know, which is website design. My old design company, “MCP Design” has been neglected, while I have been focussed on getting the words out of my head, working with artists to bring some of the characters to life, and developing (programming) for the iPad.


So to get to the point, if anyone needs a website or blog, or even has a WordPress site that they need a hand setting up or updating, please let me know. The rates will be reasonable, and the work will be appreciated. You can contact me at   “”   with any questions.


I’d like to be a writer, writing kids books all the time.
I have some real good stories, and the words come out in rhyme.
But my family wants to eat and have a roof over their head.
So it’s time to be a grown-up, do what’s right and …… Aaaaagghh what am I doing……. I have to stop this rhyming and focus on paying the bills!

Focussing starts now!


Check out the new website: Leeroy Studio

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