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    My site, Daydreemin’ is all about writing, storytelling and sometimes using technology to enhance the storytelling experience. My background is in animation, design and technology, (self taught iPhone / iPad programming) only recently deciding to concentrate more seriously on my writing (Click here for complete profile). I have written animation scripts for series animation (in development), many rhyming verse children’s stories, and am also working on a short “Tim Burton-ish” film script titled “Bat-bot Boy”.

    Steve Sagovac
    SCBWI member. ASA affiliate member.

    Daydreemin’ Entertainment

    Daydreemin’ Entertainment is being set-up to showcase Animation Projects in development from my time at Mad Cow Pictures. The site is still “in progress” with more info being added as time permits.

    There are 3 projects, in different stages of development, “00Steven Playground Private Eye”, “The Night Owl” and “Clown Around Town”.

    Click here to go to the Daydreemin’ Entertainment site.

    This page updated:  16 Feb’ 2011