A Little Bit of Darkness

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I’m not sure if this happens to everyone, or just me… but as I’m working on one story, little tidbits of a completely different story keeps popping into my head. I make a point of writing these bits and pieces down, then moving on and most of the time just forget about them. Until that is, I go through my notebooks and come across one of these little gems.

This is one I decided to finish the other day. I think this one came about because I heard author Neil Gaiman, say something like “a little bit of darkness is a good thing…..”, in relation to writing children’s stories. I agree 100%!

Hope you like it:

A Little Bit of Darkness

A little bit of darkness is a good thing for the soul,
‘cause only playing in the light will surely take its toll.

On how you live and how you think and how you spend each day.
It shouldn’t be just mindless running ‘round and normal play.

There’s lots of other things that you can do to have some fun.
You need to just be brave enough to free your mind to run.

So close your eyes and ride your brain right to the monster station,
and think up scary creatures with your wild imagination.

Your parents won’t approve and they will think that you’re quite strange.
Then try to spend more time with you, in hope that you will change.

And when they do, just smile and try to picture in your head,
how awesome it would be if they were both zombie undead.

– end –

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