Pop Gun Pocket Books

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I have started a new site a new site that will give me a chance to write about creating, publishing and promoting art and picture books for artists and authors. I’ll be covering topics from writing, to using software like iBooks Author and Scrivener, and also setting up a website to promote yourself and your book.

CLICK HERE to check it out, and let me know if you have any questions, or even suggestions for new articles for me to write up for the site.

Tim Burton-ish Rhyming Book

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A small book filled with Tim Burton-ish style kids rhyming stories, with illustrations!

Available now on the iBookStore.

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A Little Bit of Darkness

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I’m not sure if this happens to everyone, or just me… but as I’m working on one story, little tidbits of a completely different story keeps popping into my head. I make a point of writing these bits and pieces down, then moving on and most of the time just forget about them. Until that is, I go through my notebooks and come across one of these little gems.

This is one I decided to finish the other day. I think this one came about because I heard author Neil Gaiman, say something like “a little bit of darkness is a good thing…..”, in relation to writing children’s stories. I agree 100%!

Hope you like it:

A Little Bit of Darkness

A little bit of darkness is a good thing for the soul,
‘cause only playing in the light will surely take its toll.

On how you live and how you think and how you spend each day.
It shouldn’t be just mindless running ‘round and normal play.

There’s lots of other things that you can do to have some fun.
You need to just be brave enough to free your mind to run.

So close your eyes and ride your brain right to the monster station,
and think up scary creatures with your wild imagination.

Your parents won’t approve and they will think that you’re quite strange.
Then try to spend more time with you, in hope that you will change.

And when they do, just smile and try to picture in your head,
how awesome it would be if they were both zombie undead.

– end –

Back to Designing Websites

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Writing stories, and working on developing a couple of them into interactive book projects, is a great way for me to be spending my time. However, at the moment, it’s not helping when it comes to paying the bills, so it’s time to get back into what I know, which is website design. My old design company, “MCP Design” has been neglected, while I have been focussed on getting the words out of my head, working with artists to bring some of the characters to life, and developing (programming) for the iPad.


So to get to the point, if anyone needs a website or blog, or even has a WordPress site that they need a hand setting up or updating, please let me know. The rates will be reasonable, and the work will be appreciated. You can contact me at   “steve@leeroy.com.au”   with any questions.


I’d like to be a writer, writing kids books all the time.
I have some real good stories, and the words come out in rhyme.
But my family wants to eat and have a roof over their head.
So it’s time to be a grown-up, do what’s right and …… Aaaaagghh what am I doing……. I have to stop this rhyming and focus on paying the bills!

Focussing starts now!


Check out the new website: Leeroy Studio

My girls write their own “better” rhyme

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Carrying on from the previous post about “The trouble with having more than one notebook, and writing a story in bits and pieces over time”.

I read the story, as rough as it is, to my 2 girls, aged 9 and 11, and explained that it may be the start of a good story, and wanted to know what they thought. Especially their thoughts on whether I should spend the time to re-work it into a finished rhyming children’s book.

They both did say it sounded “good”, and then, instead of giving more feedback on the story, or any other encouraging words in regards to the quality of my work, or the awesomeness of my writing talent, they started to rhyme their own story about wanting to fly.

Here is what they ended up with:

I want to fly you see I said.
I want to fly with my friend Fred.
Instead of fly, we fell instead.
Crashed to the ground and then we bled.
A passing doctor stopped and said,
Clean up this mess and get to bed.

There you go, a nice compact little story. It has a beginning, a middle and an ending…. all in just 6 lines. I especially like the Tim Burton-ish feel the story conveys.

Now there’s awesome writing talent for you. I just wish they didn’t make it look so easy.


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