Tim Burton-ish Rhyming Book

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A small book filled with Tim Burton-ish style kids rhyming stories, with illustrations!

Available now on the iBookStore.


A Little Bit of Darkness” is my first children’s book release. Available for now only on the Apple iBookStore and for the iPad.


The title story was inspired by author Neil Gaiman when being interviewed by Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report (watch the interview here). He said “children’s fiction always has a little bit of darkness in it”, and I wrote down “A Little Bit of Darkness” as soon as I heard him say the words. It’s true, and children aren’t any where near as scared as the grown ups think they will be.

You can read the first story “A Little Bit of Darkness” here.


The story titles should give you some idea of the kinds of rhyming silliness that is included in the book:

• A Little Bit of Darkness

• Death of the Ringmaster

• Nursery Rhyme Gone Bad

• Dead Head

• Dead Fred

• The Procrastinator

• Electric Man

• Rhyming Pain




Hope you like it!

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